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Messy, but moving...

Live-ish From the Workbench

Messy, but moving…

It’s been an art-free few weeks, but I’m finally getting some traction again. I’ve got two fencing tutorials roughed out (micro mini and improvements on the stablemate) and one in the ‘experimental’ stages (silicone rubber casting using Lego boxes).

Once I get the silicone casting figured out, there will be a lot more Fat Animal magnets on the horizon! I’m planning on primarily taking those to the art show in October with a bunch of faux-stone paint jobs so they look classy. *solemn nod*


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Playing the Pinterest Game via ViralWoot

I’ve been slowly making my site a bit more Pinterest friendly since a lot of my traffic comes in on the Molding & Casting posts. I’d love to be pulling in more traffic from my other pins, but the main problem I have with Pinterest is that I’m just not a good pinner… I do enjoy browsing pins now and then, but it’s not something I spend my idle time doing. Thus when it comes to the golden rule of Pinterest (Pin Awesome Things Frequently), I’m not very good at it.

Time to fix that! 🙂

I tried out the free trial of Tailwind and while awesome, it costs $119 per year to use and that’s more than my budget will allow. Viralwoot is a little harder to use, but has a free tier that I think will work… which means it’s time for some planning. *does a small planning dance of glee*


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Looking forward to NaNoWriMo!

NaNo Approacheth!

It’s time once again to start making plans for November… of course my plans rarely survive contact with the 1st, it’s still fun to try! 🙂

Since last year’s post-a-day worked well for [Placeholder], I’m going to try it again with the new book. I’m also going to follow on the heels of Chasing Falling Stars and write a pre-NaNo book on the setting and charactors for the novemeber novel.

I ‘m tentatively naming it [YANS] (yet another new story), because my track record for working existing stories is horrible. But that means I need to think about what sort of book I’d like to read…


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