Building a KDP Select Bookshelf

Chasing Kindle Unlimited KDP Select
Chasing Kindle Unlimited KDP Select

I’ve been meaning to put together a prompt book (or two) for KDP Select, but they demand exclusivity and all of my previous prompt collections were made of things already posted on the blog. Even the new prompt books I had been working on were designed to be blog-friendly, so those are also out of the running.

What I do have is all of the old Custom Story Prompt books that I’ve never reused.

There are currently 400+ prompts sitting in the archive that I wrote to fill the custom orders. I promised that the prompts would stay locked away from view for at least year and most of them have reached this threshold (the rest hit it in October).

I was originally planning on just adding them to the SSP queue a little at a time, but now I have a better idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

KDP Select Books… AWAY!

…Well, okay, for values of ‘away’ that are ‘in the next couple of months’. I still need to go through and make sure all of them are up to current standards (some of these were written two years ago). I’ve also hashed out a ‘how to use these prompts’ section that I’ll be posting to the blog and adding to the end of all the eBooks.

So after ditzing around for a bit with Canva I came up with the following books to start things off!

All of the images are mine (except for the Hubble photo which is public domain) so I don’t have to worry about copyright issues. I’m still a little iffy on the layout of Book 2, but for the most part I think they’ll be an improvement on my old covers.

Someday I’ll have to either take a course or twelve and learn how to design covers… or make enough money I can hire a real designer! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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