Saturday Story Prompts [2017.07.29]

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1. I learned to lie almost as soon as I learned to speak.

2. For the first few months she watches the stars every chance she gets, curled up on the observation deck’s benches and lost in dreams of what could be.

3. “It’s easy to hide magic in the mundane. People are always willing to dismiss things as tricks of the light or imagination instead of facing the idea that the world is bigger than they think.”

4. There are thick fabric steps woven into the mammoth’s girth that lead into the riding canopy.

5. Jumping off the ledge is something he can’t bring himself to do. Night after night he walks to the line between life and death and every morning he goes home again.


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I learned to lie almost as soon as I learned to speak. Saturday Story Prompt. July 29, 2017
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