Saturday Story Prompts [2017.07.22]

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1. “You are the first person to ask me that in a long time,” the sphinx said, eyes full of unexpected grief.

2. Here is where we’ll build again, beneath the shadows cast by the Midnight mountains. It’s not as fertile nor as welcoming as the home we left, but it’s easily defended and that’s all that matters now.

3. Kings lie. If there was ever a universal truth, he knew in his bones it was that.

4. The river spits and snarls with the fury of the ice melt, ripping away at its bed until only the rock is left and it polishes that to an unholy shine.

5 Nothing had prepared her for the odd silences that echoed in the building’s burnt-out shell.


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Here is where we'll build again, beneath the shadows cast by the Midnight mountains. Saturday Story Prompt. July 22, 2017
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