Live From the Workbench

Somewhere under than mess is ART! 😀

It’s been two months since the last workbench post… which means there is a metric ton of things that have happened in the meantime. And at the same time there’s a bunch of stuff that hasn’t happened. One of which would be the weekly update posts. 😉

I’ve been trying to keep up with the picture posting on the Facebook page so the folks with custom orders can see what’s going on, but even that has been a little hit or miss. Still, every day is a new chance to get better at both, so here’s the to a clean slate!

I’m trying to keep the ‘To Do’ list short and sweet, so I’m only including goals through July 7th (in the hopes I can get the Sunday update posts back on track.)

What Got Done

All the Base, are belong to them!

It’s too much… I sum-up. 😉

New Finished Items

June Art Haul!

Works in Progress

  • Started prepping and base coating a set of Toob Ponies
  • Orange and yellow dolphin
  • Prepped two of the seven Safari Ltd. Shires
  • Worked on the coats for the palomino and chestnut from the Body Box Trade
  • Worked on the base for the chestnut from the Body Box Trade
  • Worked on sculpting a Fat Drafter magnet

What’s Next To Do

Onwards, towards finished!
  • Follow my Etsy Goals for July
  • Work on the Body Box Trade horses!
  • STOP STARTING NEW PROJECTS. (omg self. omg.)
  • Finish at one work in progress piece
  • Cast a bunch more corgis, as I am out of bodies to paint
  • Do another plaster casting post (video maybe?)
  • Get the aluminum smelter from my friend and start working on repairing it.

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