Back in the Sneakers Again

Treadmill Gaming on the Slow

It’s a bad sign when a year passes between posts! *pokes the dust-covered treadmill gaming archives*

Due to a change in the thresholds to the Virgin Pulse program and the fact that my gaming group has gotten back into playing Final Fantasy on a semi-regular basis… I’m back on the treadmill again!

Right now my aim is to get back to walking an hour a day, regardless of speed. I’m trying to build endurance (and habits) first and then I’ll work on ramping my velocity up. 1.5mph means I’m not looking to burn tons of calories here, just trying to get my walking muscles buffed up enough that I can keep up with my Dad next time we’re at an amusement park! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve been using the same setup (more or less) since I started playing computer games whilst walking, but I’m beginning to look into building something a bit more professional looking than two boards, a shoestring, and some towels. The setup is still pretty comfortable and the only real issue I have is that the keyboard and mouse aren’t at quite the right height. (And that the cat will attack the cords when dinner time rolls around and I don’t immediately stop what I’m doing to FEED THE STARVING CAT OMGMOM.)

I’ve looked over the various DIY designs that have popped up on the web since I started, but so far nothing seems like a great fit. I think I’ll have to MacGyver something again… *starts doodling*

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