Saturday Story Prompts [2017.06.17]

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1. The horses notice they are being followed before the dogs do.

2. “River stones are an oracle, if you read them right.” She reached into the water without looking and drew out three rocks. “White is death, red is change, black is stasis– there’s a book I can lend you if you want.”

3. Overnight the dragons have made a mess of the pens, leaving behind scorched earth, claw marks, and what’s left of his sheep.

4. Snarled by the magic, the snow comes down as hail.

5. There is life in space, tucked in among the stardust and solar winds, and it flourishes here just as it does in the extremes of Earth.


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Snarled by the magic, the snow comes down as hail. Saturday Story Prompt. June 17, 2017
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