Chapter 3: A New Week’s Resolution (Words, Words, Words)

Words Words Words : All the pages not fit to print

This is a book (sort of) about writing and all the ways I’m trying to get better at it. It functions as my ‘write something every day’ dumping place and is a MuseFic about that effort. This isn’t MuseFic focused on an existing story (those will continue as normal), but more of a general writing exercise.

This story is cross-posted to Wattpad.


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New Etsy Goals for July

2012 to 2017… and onwards!

July is another Camp NaNoWriMo attempt, so a lot of time will be spent writing prose… but I don’t want to let up on my Etsy improvements! 🙂

I’ve been spending a bunch of time reading up on the various tips and tricks for bringing in more traffic (and thus more sales). Thus far the one thing everyone agrees on is you need a decent number of listings that renew on a regular basis in order to rank well.

So for July I’m going to be focusing on a few things:


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Old Blue Eyes (Valdemar)

Originally Posted: November 8, 2005
Length/Rating: 2128 words, PG, Gen
Pairing/Warnings: Spoilers for Companion mythology
Summary: Sing, sing a song, make it simple to last the whole night long… (Note: This story is a little broken and takes great liberties with the abilities of Bards and Companions. It was a fun little plot bunny, but this is not canon at all.)

“Valdemar” and other related entities are owned, (TM) and © by Mercedes Lackey. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied.


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