The Dog That Wasn’t

Draco and Shiva Sleeping on the Deck
Happier Times

Since Rocko passed I’ve been on the hunt for another dog to keep Shiva company. We’d thought we found the perfect mutt in the Corgiador, but the adorkable cuteness hid a dog with significant issues.

The rescue initially said he was crate trained, housebroken, and had issues with other dominant dogs, but was fine with outdoor cats and dogs. Shiva is a pushover, so no problems there, and the initial meet and greet of the cat was also all golden.

He started out on his best behavior, but as he settled in we slowly found out he had some serious separation anxiety issues, aggressive resource guarding issues, and an unsafe level of prey drive.

Draco Sleeping Upside Down on the Bed
Swing and a miss…

We couldn’t crate him (he hurt himself and damaged the crate) and couldn’t leave him loose in the house (he did damage to the back door of the house trying to get outside).

We couldn’t let him around the other animals if there was food, water, or attention from the humans involved because he would growls, snap, and lunge at them (and the humans if they tried to intervene).

And if that wasn’t enough he started chasing and cornering the cat, where he would bark at it until one of us managed to catch up and stop him.

It got to the point where one of us had to sit in the bedroom with him at all times because it was the only way to keep everyone separated and safe.

As the issues got worse we talked to the rescue and discovered they had been aware of his issues and that his aggression had actually been worse when they first got him.

So the corgiador is now back with the rescue and will hopefully find a forever home with no other animals and with someone who never leaves the house. *sighs*

Martha Bechtel

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