Saturday Story Prompts [2017.05.20]

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1. They hear the seagulls long before they see the fishing ships and the hints of blood that slowly overtake the blue.

2. Snowdrifts line the windward side of the house all the way out to the roof, making it look like no one lives on the lot at all.

3. She’s never seen a spaceship, for all the years of work she’s done fixing the insides. Sure, there are pictures in the repair manuals and virtual reality flybys in training, but just once she’d like to see it for herself.

4. “Ability is meaningless without control,” the fox chided. “Would you use the river to water your garden instead of a gentle rain?”

5. Time travel is great for fixing past mistakes, but it doesn’t purge the memories or the guilt.


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Ability is meaningless without control, the fox chided. Saturday Story Prompt. May 20, 2017
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