Saturday Story Prompts [2017.05.13]

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1. A place is set at the table for father every night, but everyone knows he’s never coming home.

2. “Mules are safer mounts than horses for these mountains.” The packmaster brushed aside the Prince’s objections. “We run into trouble? Horses run. Our mules, they stand and fight.”

3. If there was a container that could tip, the fat orange cat was only a whisker away.

4. Snow machines don’t work as well in the summer, but they still kick out enough clouds of snow to turn July into a winter wonderland.

5. The book seeks them out one by one, children who would trade anything to escape the lives they’re trapped in, and it offers them a bargain.


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A place is set at the table for father every night, but everyone knows he's never coming home. Saturday Story Prompt. May 13, 2017
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