Saturday Story Prompts [2017.05.06]

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1. The sword glows softly in the moonlight, feeding on the dreams of the dead.

2. The paints are all dull and earth-toned. She does her best, but the mural screams for the splashes of vibrant yellows and blues that she can’t replicate.

3. “I didn’t abandon her! I just… thought it was best if she had one less mess in her life to clean up after.”

4. When life is too much for them to handle they retreat into books… and sometimes they don’t come out again.

5. Thunderclouds break beneath them with every wingbeat, snarled with lightning and heavy with icy rain.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You can use these writing prompts verbatim or modified, just don’t resell them as prompts. (That’s my shtick!)

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055 Saturday Story Prompts 2017-05-06
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