Fat Cats #001-003

Fat Cats #001-003

In the course of sculpting the Fat Animal Magnet zoo for Christmas I ended up doing three different cats… and this mold was the only one I was really pleased with! I have a kittenloaf and a round sleeping cat, but both of those came out not quite cat-shaped. Feline faces are definitely a steep learning curve.

The backs of felines are muuuuuch easier! 😉

These little silhouettes came out quite nicely and there isn’t a lot of touch-ups I have to do to the cast. I may tweak the tail placement a little, but they were a blast to paint… I really need to get around to casting some more!

#001 – The first realistic color was an easy choice, I love Siamese cats! Painted in Craft Smart (Khaki) and Americana (DA065 Dark Chocolate).

#002 – The second realistic color was a stab at an Orange Bengal tabby that came out a lot more fantasy than I intended, but such are the art muses. 😉 Painted  in Apple Barrel (21471 Spiced Carrot, 21381 Sweet Potato).

#001 – After the fun of the orange bengal, I jumped into the deep end of the fantasy pool with the last little guy. Who can resist a cat decked out in some bling? Painted in Apple Barrel (20504 Black, FolkArt 2588 Ice Blue).

Fat Cats #001-003 – Work in Progress Fat Cats – Sculpture and Resin Casts

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