Fat Buffalos #001-004

Fat Buffalos #001-004

It’s May and I still have a bunch of these old posts left to catch up on! Yikes! O_O;

Most of my relatives are from Buffalo, NY so when it came time to picking critters for the Fat Animal Magnets for Christmas, these guys were a shoe-in! 🙂

I made an extra buffalo because I figured I’d need at least one more and it turned out that I probably should have doubled the herd. I still have another Bills buffalo in the pipeline and to be honest now I really want one of my own…

This mold had a lot of issues with the horns, but that was mostly because I was casting these quickly. So the amount of resculpting on the Christmas presents was a lot higher than the ones I’m prepping now. I’m actually torn on if I should make another mold of this guy or just wait until I finish the resculpt. (It seems there are always things I want to improve on once I get the resin cast out! 🙂 )

#001, 002 – I was thinking of doing a white buffalo as well, but I figured I’d still to the classic brown for now. Painted in Americana (DA065 Dark Chocolate), and FolkArt (425 Medium Gray, 504 VanDyke Brown).

#003 – There was no hesitation when it came time to pick a fantasy color! How can you go wrong with a Buffalo Bills theme? 😉 Painted in Apple Barrel (20225 Bright Blue, 437 Lipstick Red, 436 Engine Red).

#004 – The last little guy was done in my favorite blue-purple metallic theme. Painted in FolkArt (654 Metallic Amethyst, 656 Blue Sapphire, 670 Metallic Blue Pearl).

Fat Buffalos #001-004 – Work in Progress Fat Buffalos – Sculpture and Resin Casts

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