Behold, The Corgiador! (Laborgi? Corador? Labradorgi?)

The Corgador
Lab + Corgi + ??? = Awesome!

I was planning on getting lots of writing and artwork done this weekend… and then there was dog! And while I did get some things done, it pretty much just devolved into ‘loving on the new dog’ once the rescue decided we’d make a good home for him.

On that note, Shout out to Misfit Animal Rescue for fostering this adorkable pup! His old owners fibbed about him being dog aggressive when they dropped him off at the pound, so the rescue took a big chance on him. Turns out his old owners were jerks (they ditched him for a new puppy) and he is great with dogs, cats, kids, adults, chickens, pigs, and most other things within licking distance. Alas this turned out not to be true.

Sir Woofsalot
Sir Woofsalot

His given name is Shooter, but the more time we spend around him the less it seems to fit. So far we haven’t found just the right moniker for him, but he’s picked up a lot of nicknames (Mr. Meseeks, Doofus, D.O.G., TBD (Tiny Black Dog), Corgiador, Sir Woofsalot, etc.). I figure much like Taft-cat, we’ll just keep trying things out until we stumble onto one that sticks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anywho, Aka Shooter is a great looking mutt! He’s got a good chunk of lab in him, but he’s got the short legs (most likely corgi) and an incredibly curly tail (from ???). He’s a wonderful pain to get good photos of because a) he rarely stops moving, b) he’s short so good angles are hard to come by, and c) he’s black so indoor photos all require a flash.

I’m looking forward to grand new adventures with this guy– Shiva-Puppeh has already adapted to having a new playmate to play runrunrun with and Taft-cat is slowly getting used to the idea of another dog in his kitteh kingdom. Hopefully in a few weeks everything will be settled down again, but for now.. chaos! ๐Ÿ˜€

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