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It’s a Camp NaNoWriMo month, but so far I haven’t gotten much writing done!

I was going to do a quick ‘state of the writing desk’ sum-up post to raise my spirits when it occurred to me that almost everything I’ve written since the last update had been posted to Wattpad.

I’ve been using Wattpad as a place to post MuseFic-centered writing, since I assume it’s the least likely to be stolen. Sure, there’s sometimes an actual story rough draft in there, but folks are (probably) too lazy to dig it out and repost it.

Only… I haven’t been posting those same stories here. Which is a tad worrisome, I don’t want to end up where I’m missing writing from the archives again. So there will be a little spam as the week goes by as I play catch-up (and hopefully write new words!).

[A Fine Romance]

I had grand plans to do a series of short stories in the Songs of the Summer God’verse for Camp, but then did an abrupt right face and decided to work on my play on the Beauty and the Beast trope story, Into Darkness. Since it’s a NaNo and a MuseFic, I picked out a new title and jumped into the fray… only I started late and haven’t written much so far. (I only hit 3k a few days ago.)

The Camp NaNoWriMo project is supposed to be the main focus right now, but I’ve barely started on it. I’m hoping to make a lot more progress in the coming week, but the story has a very weak middle outline, so we’ll see. Worst case, I’ll just hop to the end and write that first. *pokes plot bunnies*

52 in 52

In theory I was going to write a short story a week… but this project is kicking my tush! I really need to sit down and do some research into the actual mechanics of writing flash fiction (and short stories). While I’ve gotten a few nice rough drafts out of it, I still feel like I’m wading my way into deep water.

The one thing that might save me is that with the LiveJournal -> Dreamwidth move I’m subscribed to a bunch of challenge communities again, some fanfiction, some not. That means I have a whole host of prompts available and the more social aspect of writing is back to the forefront! 🙂

Words Words Words

This is the pure MuseFic that I started out to help hash out idea on how to make writing more of a priority in my life. I had good intentions to use it as a daily writing reflection, but haven’t been keeping up with the posting. I need to use this to hash out how to bring the work-life-writing balance into better focus… I have too many stories sitting around unfinished!

There are numerous eBooks and real books and blog posts on how to become a better writer, so moar research here too, I guess? I’ve already got a bunch of eBooks in my library on the subject, so I supposed I ought to sit down and at least give them a solid review.

[One Word Title]

I’m getting back to this one at some point… hopefully… but for now it’s on the back burner.

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