The Best of Intentions

I’ll get to them someday… (Body Box circa 2012)

I have a horrible habit of starting projects and then not finishing them because I have been distracted by new shiny projects. So my art workbench and writing desk and life are full of really nifty ideas that will be really cool… when they are done.

I’ve tried several times this year to ‘reboot’ and get myself back on track with all of the above, but it’s not working well. (I made an attempt to establish a ‘writing time’ this weekend and have yet to actually be at the desk and writing and it’s already Thursday!)

So, time for something a bit more drastic, methinks.

Micromanaging the Chaos

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From long experience, I know I won’t get anything done in the morning before work, so I am taking that time off the table. That leaves all of the time after work, which turns into 15 half-hour chunks between arrival and bedtime (I have a morning shift). Right now I primarily spend that time doing the least useful things possible, and that needs to change. Stat.

I know I’ve mentioned before that drastic life changes aren’t good and don’t stick, but I’m also at the point where baby steps aren’t working either. So phooey on it, we’re going big!

As of today (because why wait?) I am going to be using the Pomodoro Technique to manage my day. That means 25 minutes of writing, or art, or some other project and then 5 min of cleaning. To help psych myself up I’m also going to keep a log of what I get done each day for seven days using the Self Journal PDF download. With luck this will reinforce the fact that I’m being productive and act as a lure to keep up the march. *crosses fingers*

The raw data will be posted over on my Dreamwidth journal and the normal writing/art summary posts will be posted here.

The only rule is NO NEW PROJECTS!

Martha Bechtel

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