One in a Blue Ewe… err, Ram!

Pronghorn Buck #001 – Right

Sometimes you need a little bit of whimsy in the realistic lineup and this tiny little guy was it! (Amusingly I bought the TOOB of animals back in December of 2013, but I didn’t finish painting him until this January! Procrastinating artist is procrastinating.)

He is a Pronghorn Buck from the Safari Ltd North American Wildlife TOOB (697004) and while he’s sporting the right patterns, it’s in a hue not normally found in nature. …To be fair, the high gloss finish is also something nature tends to avoid, but a matte finish just didn’t do him justice.

He’s had his seams touched up, but not completely removed and the Safari logo is still on his tummy. It’s hard to work around the fur texture and this isn’t meant to be a show piece so I wasn’t as militant about prepping as I usually am. 🙂

The darker blue portion of the coat is painted in Bright Blue, shaded down from the topline with Dark Blue to help give the color some depth. The normally white areas are Sailing Sky shaded in some areas with Bright Blue. At the moment he has flat black eyes, but I can change that to realistic ones if the new owner wants.

For some reason the camera tilted blue this time and didn’t want to show the shading well, so the facing right (above) is the clearest picture of how the colors contrast. Sadly, he’s going to be one of those models that looks better in real life!

He’s roughly two inches tall and two inches long, so please keep in mind that all of the photos are much larger than life.

Medium: Apple Barrel (20225 Bright Blue, 20504 Black), Craftsmart (Sailing Sky, Dark Blue).

Cost: Body cost $1.00, 0.05 (primer), 0.05 (paint), 0.05 (sealer) = $1.15, double that 2.30, round to 2.25, add 1.00 for fees = $3.25

Pronghorn Buck #001 – Left Pronghorn Buck #001 – Front Back Pronghorn Buck #001 – Top Bottom

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