Live From the Workbench

Live from the Workbench 3-31-2017
It will never look this clean again…

I am always amused when I finally get around to posting a workbench update that it tends to run roughly a month between these posts. I never plan on it, I really mean to get into a weekly update at some point, but so far that’s not happening.

Anywho, it’s been a busy month! If you hang out over on the Facebook page you’ve seen a bunch of photos go by, and if not… that’s what these sum-ups are for. 😉

So onwards into the chaos!

What Got Done

Big Orange Bash Donations

First off the the Fat Pony magnet donations for the Big Orange Bash are done! This was a fun adventure in reworking the sculpt and then remolding things. I ended up with six or seven molds by the time I was done and lots of reject casts. So I can now say that using ketchup bottles to dispense the resin works lovely and that Amazing Mold Putty is useless stuff.

Unfortunately I only ended up with 11 finished magnets instead of 12 (because I thought I only needed 9), but turns out that’s okay. So these guys will be out in the mail sometime this week… I’m just waiting on the Hippo with a Santa Hat to get a few final touch-ups.

I’ll get better photos before I send them off and do a proper post on them later, but the good news is I can now offer this magnet in the Etsy shop! I’ve got a nice new mold that doesn’t need as much touch-up as the old ones and I lot of examples of custom colors. I’m working on the ‘bad’ casts now as well to see what I can make from the rejects…

Getting there, getting there…

The other really big project that I’ve been working on (between back injuries and sickness) is the body box trade. I’ve swapped over to focusing on the Paso Fino and Thoroughbred resculpts, per request, and they are coming along nicely. These guys are my first ‘serious’ resculpts at the stablemate scale, everything else to date has been really simple changes.

EasyOff away!
EasyOff away!

I need to do the mane and touch-up the legs on the Paso Fino, but it’s pretty much ready for final approval before painting. The Thoroughbred is only a smidge behind… but it’s in the midst of an EasyOff strip to remove the old paint. I should have done this before I started resculpting, but I thought I’d be making a lot more changes to the mold.

I also managed to break one of the legs while scraping, but it’s been pinned and should be fine. (But DOH.)

On a good note these resculpts required me to do new hooves twice so I’m getting a lot better at them! 🙂

What’s Next To Do

The main focus will be on getting the two body box horses done. I want to have the sculpting finished this week so I can start painting them this weekend. The requested colors aren’t that hard, but the goal is to get them done before the end of the month, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that I can work around my perfectionist paranoia.

On that note, I have a LOT of things that need photographing and shipping/listing/final approval so I need to get mah butt in gear. It’s finally nice out (in between the rain) and I can get photos and sealer done.

I have a goal to restart the Etsy listings properly starting today, so photographing away! 🙂

I also have a bazillion little projects to finish while I’m waiting for the body box horses to dry, so there should be more magnets and model horses in the near future. *crosses fingers*

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