Once Again, Camp Approacheth!

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It’s that time of the year again, when plot bunnies start popping out of the woodwork and the siren lure of a Camp NaNoWriMo can be heard!

(We’ll ignore the fact that my track record for wins with Camp NaNo’s is currently abysmal.)

So what’s on the docket for April’s Camp? Why my attempt at a play on the Beauty and the Beast story, Into Darkness. Which currently exists primarily in my head and a few very badly written scenes from twenty years ago, give or take.

Which makes a perfect start for a planster (half planner/half panster) NaNo! 😉

So let’s do some planning! 😀

So the April Camp NaNoWriMo novel is aiming for 30,000 words, is going to be a MuseFic (of course), and the current title is [A Fine Romance]. I need to get around to making a cover, but it will most likely be a photomanipulation of a red rose and a wolf, because genre cliches, I HAZ THEMS.

Key Components of Beauty and the Beast

  • A curse/ticking clock and a symbol of the curse
  • A Beast character
  • A Beauty character
  • A slow burn romance with initial personality clashing
  • A dangerous remote location
  • Family
  • Town/Townspeople

The Family is needed if the Beauty character enters the remote location to barter for their freedom and to lead the misguided rescue attempt.

The Town is needed as a contrast to the Remote Location. The town requires conformity, but offers safety. The Remote Location allows for independance, but is a dangerous place (partially because of the incoming Rescue Attempt).

However in the proto-story that is hovering around in my head I’m not including the Family or the Town. I’m also flipping the archetype characters, so the Beauty is the one starting in the remote location. It will be fun to see how much I can tweak the story and still have it be something relatively recognizable…

Onwards! 🙂

Camp NaNo’s of the Past

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  • Worldbook for November’s NaNo – Loss
  • Rough-Draft-a-Thon! – Loss
  • The Book That Isn’t Rise and Walk – Loss
  • Words Words Words – Loss
  • Five Times – Loss
  • The 30 Day Habit – Loss
  • NaNo Deja Vu – Loss
  • Seven Seasons and a Movie, Err, Novel! – Loss
  • The Phoenix Colony – Loss
  • That Don’t Impress Me Much – Win

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