Fat Hawks #001-003

Fat Hawks #001-003

After making songbirds I couldn’t resist the urge to add a little more feathery goodness to the Fat Animal Magnet lineup! (Although these little guys are slightly more pointy than their backyard cousins.)

Sadly this is one of the sculptures that didn’t come out as well when I made the mold, so the beaks are a little less intimidating that planned. But I’m starting to get better at mold making, so I’m looking forward to the resculpt (and recast) of this little guy.

(I also really want to make one with spread wings… *puts on the To-Do Someday list*)

#001 – I have a bunch of Red-tailed Hawks in my neighborhood, so it was the go-to color when I started painting. They are such pretty birds and it was something I secretly wanted for my own fridge. (I’ve learned that if I paint things I want, it tends to be something someone else wants as well! 😉 ). Painted in Americana (DA063 Burnt Sienna, DA065 Dark Chocolate), Craftsmart (Butter Cream), and FolkArt (425 Medium Gray).

#002 – For the second hawk I went Google-ing and settled on the Common Black Hawk. He makes quite a dashing figure and he was simple to paint to boot! Painted in Apple Barrel (20504 Black) and Craftsmart (Butter Cream).

#003 – For the fantasy hawk… I went green! (Four colors of green, to be exact!) He does look a little more like a parrot than a raptor, but I still had a lot of fun coming up with a pattern that was hawk-ish. He was painted in Apple Barrel (20504 Black, 20587 Spring Green, 20523 Kelly Green, 21479 New Shamrock, 21386 Arbor Green).

Fat Hawks – Work in Progress Fat Hawks – Sculpture and Resin Casts

Martha Bechtel

My name is Martha Bechtel and I write fantasy and science fiction stories, paint small model horses silly colors, cast resin and plaster magnets, code random code (and Wordpress plugins)... Come on in and join in the fun!

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  1. Hawk

    A way that mold could work better is if you paint the with their feathers ruffled and out. They do that pretty often.

    I’d love to see the recast too. But these also look pretty amazing!

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Yay Hawk likes the hawks! 😀 😀 (My life is now complete! ^_^ hehe) ((But seriously, yay! :D)) I think I am finding a groove sculpting these little guys… and they are really addicting to make. I really really want to make one now that’s all fluffed up like the chickadees get in the winter.

      I ran across the old Librarian Hawk sketches I did ages ago and was tempted to make you a Book Hawk version once I get the flying one done. But first I have to learn how to cast properly. *headdesk*

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