Fat Dogs #001-003

Fat Dogs #001-003 (#001 not shown)

With all the cats in the Fat Animal Magnet parade, it was only time before someone requested a dog!

A Carolina Dog (or American Dingo) is a generally dog-shaped dog, so sculpting one of these gave me a wide range of other breeds to play with. It is a fat dog after all, so most of the breed specific body types go out the window. 😉

Sadly I gave away the magnet before I took the final pictures (I overestimated what I could accomplish by Christmas), but you can see the dog hanging out in the group shots below. Only one of the dogs came back home with me after the holiday season and that one (Canis Major) has a place on my fridge… so time to cast more canines!

#001 – The first dog was the requested dog (of course!) and it was easy to track down reference pics for the Carolina Dog. While there is some variety within the breed because they are a landrace, they come in tan, tan, and more tan. So this little guy was painted in Craft Smart (Khaki, Coral), Americana (D163 Honey Brown), and Apple Barrel (20504 Black).

#002 – Normally I waited for the third magnet to head into the fantasy realm, but this time the Muses bit hard and I took a detour. This little fella has Canis Major painted on him and is currently hanging out on my fridge! 🙂 He was painted in Craft Smart (Violet, Purple) and FolkArt (411 Purple, 667 Gunmetal Gray, 662 Metallic Silver Sterling, 658 Antique Gold) — which looks blue, but is purple I swear!

#003 – For the last magnet I went back to reality with another one of my favorites, the Australian Cattle Dog. I don’t have an active enough life to ever own one of these dogs, but I will always admire them from afar. This one was painted in (what felt like) a billion layers of FolkArt (708 Dove Gray), Americana (DA065 Dark Chocolate), and Apple Barrel (20504 Black).

Fat Dogs – Work in Progress Fat Dogs – Sculpture and Resin Casts

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