Saturday Story Prompts [2017.02.25]

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1. When he came home from work the only thing waiting at the door was a post-it note that said ‘Goodbye’.

2. Thousands of fish fling themselves from the ocean trying to escape the carnage and for a brief moment, the line between the sea and the sky is obliterated.

3. If anyone was missing a large black dog with eyes the color of corn, they never came looking, and that’s how we ended up with old Shuck.

4. The missiles are meant to push, not penetrate and impact sends the ship spinning wildly, forcing the AI to burn fuel to compensate.

5. It took me a long time to realize out I was a psychic vampire, my Grandmother’s attempts at explanation were hampered by Alzheimer’s and my mother was entombed in the care of city psychiatrists.


040 Saturday Story Prompts 2017-02-25
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