Fat Pony #001-003

Fat Ponies #001-003

It’s one of those universal truths… if you give me some sculpey, I’m going to sculpt horses! Well Fat Ponies, to be precise.;)

The completely unsurprising addition to the Fat Animal Magnet parade turned out to be one of the harder ones to cast. As you can see by the raw resin casts the mold picked up a few weird artifacts and I had some issues with bubbled in the hooves. I’m already working on a second version (this time testing out a non-silicone mold) that will hopefully sort things out.

Because if there’s one magnet you know I’m going to be painting herds of… this is it! 😀

#001 – I was going for very simple color schemes with these guys, so this little liver chestnut is unshaded. he was not one of the chosen ones when Christmas came around, so he may go back under the paintbrush… but I sort of like the plainness! 🙂 He was painted in FolkArt (504 VanDyke Brown), Craftsmart (Golden Brown), and Apple Barrel (20504 Black).

#002 – The second realistic horse was going to be an appy, because appies! Once again it was a very simple paint job so this little guy is an unshaded bay with ‘artistic’ appaloosa blanket and spotting. This little guy is also still in the herd, so much like his sibling I’ll need to think about tweaking him for the Etsy store. He was painted in Americana (DA174 MIlk Chocolate) and Apple Barrel (20504 Black).

#003 – I was trying to include a wide range of colors in the magnets and I hadn’t done orange yet, so the fantasy guy became an orange appaloosa. I was thinking of a tobiano pattern, but figured the gift pickers would like something a little flashier… and I was right! 🙂 He was painted in Apple Barrel (20504 Black, 21472 Jack-o-lantern).

Fat Pony Sculpture and Resin Casts Fat Ponies – Work In Progress

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