Fat Hippos #001-003

Fat Hippos #001-003

To be honest, hippopotami were not the first animal that sprang to mind when I started sculpting the Fat Animal Magnets for Christmas, but apparently they should have!

Somehow I had forgotten about the earworm I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, but thankfully my cousins hadn’t and it resulted in an impromptu singalong in their kitchen. I also have one pending request for a hippo in a Santa hat that I still need to sculpt…

I’m looking forward to make a bunch more of these, they are a lot more fun than I had expected and ideas for fantasy variations are creeping out of the workbench. *pats magnets fondly*

#001, #002 – Since these guys only come in one color in the real world, I was a bit limited in my color choices (alas). This was yet another animal that I had though was a solid color that turned out to need shading (like the Armadillo) so it was still fun to paint. They were painted in FolkArt (425 Medium Gray) and Craftsmart (Coral).

#003 – What better color for a hippo than a shaded pink with purple polka dots? How about metallic pink and purple! 😉 This little was painted in Apple Barrel (20591 Bright Magenta, 20535 Light Pink), FolkArt (654 Metallic Amethyst), and Craftsmart (Pink Blush Pearl, Metallic Rose).

Fat Hippos #001-003 – Work in Progress Fat Hippos – Sculpture and Resin Casts

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