Fat Dragons #001-003

Fat Dragons #001-003

Oddly enough, I didn’t think of sculpting fat dragons when I was thinking up animals for the Fat Animal Magnet menagerie. It took a coworker asking to add them to the list… but one he did, they fit right in!

It was hard to pick what sort of dragon to sculpt, but I ended up going with my default horse-cat-dragon shape. These little guys has some casting issues, as you can see by the wings and the faces, so I’ll be making a new mold (as well as tweaking the sculpt a little) before I make any more.

All three of these little guys were snapped up by my cousins, so the first generation of dragons are now offically out of production! 🙂

#001 – The first dragon painted was the black one, for simplicities sake. He is a non-shaded black and I used him to test out the eyes and the chest scale pattern. You can’t see the chest scales well in these photos, which is a shame. I think for the next batch I’m going to sculpt them in. He was painted in Apple Barrel (20504 Black, 21474 Yellow Flame), and FolkArt (667 Gunmetal Gray).

#002 – The second was the red one, which is actually a shaded red, although it didn’t come out so well in the photos. It was painted in FolkArt (2901 Apple Red, 436 Engine Red, 667 Gunmetal Gray), and Apple Barrel ( Black, 21474 Yellow Flame).

#003 – I waffled between green and blue for the last dragon and finally went with blue as a balance to the red. This one is also shaded, and also didn’t come out well in the photos. Alas. It was painted in Apple Barrel (20225 Bright Blue, 20504 Black, 21474 Yellow Flame), and FolkArt (720 Cobalt Blue).

Fat Dragons #001-003 Work in Progress Fat Dragons – Sculpture and Resin Casts

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