Fat Armadillos #001-003

Fat Armadillos #001-003

These little guys are probably the strangest of the animals in the Fat Animal Magnet parade!

They came about because my dad thought the hedgehogs were armadillos when he first saw them and I figured at that point I really should have some of both. These little guys were way cuter (and way harder to paint) than I’d anticipated.

In my head they were these solid grey critters, but as I looked at the photos while sculpting them I realised they have this really cool color pattern. I have a few more ideas for some fantasy ‘dillos and I think this mold might do well up on Etsy. 🙂

The current silicone caulk mold has some issue and you can see in the resin casts when I ended up having to ‘fix’ them quite a bit. I’m going to give the mold another test cast, just to see if it’s an issue of me rushing to get them done… but I may go back and make a new mold.

#001 – The first little guy was a ‘normal’ gray armadillo, since that’s the color they defaulted to in my imagination. It was while looking up reference photos for this guy that I realized reality was a lot more colorful! His main color is FolkArt (425 Medium Gray) with mottling of CraftSmart (Coral), and an eye in Apple Barrel (20504 Black). This little guy went home with my Dad, but I’m planning on doing another one in this color for Etsy.

#002 – I didn’t want to do two of the same color (if I could avoid it) so I spent some time hunting around Google images until I found a tan variation. This fella has a main color of CraftSmart (Golden Brown, Khaki) with the same pattern of CraftSmart (Coral) and black eye as the gray one.

#003 – For my fantasy ‘dillo I went with my favorite combination, blue and green! He’s got the same pattern, since I’d gotten into the grove of painting little tiny dots. His main color is Apple Barrel (20225 Bright Blue) and his accent is in Apple Barrel (20523 Kelly Green). I am quite fond of this one and I may keep him. *pets magnet*

Fat Armadillos – Work in Progress Fat Armadillos – Sculpture and Resin Casts

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