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Big White Writing Binder of Drafting

I’m very slowly revamping the Online Stories/Novels section of the website as I work through consolidating the electronic archives of stories I’ve accumulated over the years… and there are a LOT of them.

Which brings me to the interesting kerfuffle of how to post these new-old works.

I’ve been backdating the Fan Fiction to mondays, but I’m already back to 2013 with plenty left to go! For now I’ve swapped to posting those fics I’m fond of in 2017 and continuing to backdate the less impressive works.

As I’ve been working my way through them I’ve started working on new fics (because old Muses never die) which only adds to the headaches.

The original fiction pile is just as messy, since I have several of the NaNoWriMo novels that never got copied over plus all of the stuff that was written prior to the blog’s existence. But I’m not sure if I should post it as-is or work on a rewrite as I go. I think I may do something similar to the fan fiction where I simply note the original date of creation. *ponders*

The problem is, a lot of the writing is very very rough and I’m not sure if it’s even worth posting at all. It’s a lot of fun for me to see the old stuff because it brings back great memories and get the Muses rolling again. I’m just not sure if folks who aren’t me will enjoy them.

Suppose it can’t hurt, worst case scenario is that they’re up and archived but never read… and that’s most of the content on the internet already! 😉

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