Saturday Story Prompts [2017.01.07]

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1. “No one meant to leave her behind, it just… happened.” The worst part was he didn’t even sound concerned.

2. There’s the ruins of a King’s Stairway carved into the mountainside near the pass. The hand-carved steps worn dangerously smooth by the sandstorms and the inlaid metals long ago scavenged by thieves.

3. Every afternoon the valley burns when the suns converge their gaze upon it.

4. “All magic is borrowed magic,” her mother chided. “Do you really think the Elves would just give you such a gift? There’s a price, you just haven’t found it yet.”

5. They laughed at the wooden swords until they learned the hard way that they were edged in razor-thin shards of obsidian.


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All magic is borrowed magic, her mother chided. Saturday Story Prompt. January 7, 2017
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