Leaping Horse #006

Leaping Horse 006 Magnet - Metalic Blob - Martha Bechtel - Tan

Every so often plaster casts don’t come out of the mold quite right– but that just means I get to play around with them!

This little guy is a true OOAK (one of a kind) as his failed cast was hand painted over with additional plaster to create the horse-shaped blob of metallic whimsy that he is today. I was going for a much more primitive feel, which is why he has some texture and he’s more of a rough shape than a detailed sculpt.

There was a significant red color variation between the flash and no-flash photos of him, so I went with the no-flash for the most part. It was a toss-up between trying to show of his shine and make sure the colors weren’t too far off.

His faux-metal finish was painted using a combination of metallic paints , so there’s a bit more depth to his color than shows in the photos. The horse is mostly Sahara Gold and the backdrop is mostly Antique Copper, but the colors are intermixed. He has been dry brushed with some black in-between layers to help make his rough finish pop. He was finished off with several coats of high gloss sealer and has quite a shine!

He is roughly 3 by 1.5 inches (see photo) and is leaping at the chance to bring a little equine charm to your kitchen or office! He has a small Neodymium ring magnet that’s quite strong, so he’s ready to hold himself up along with a grocery list or business memo.

The original leaping horse was sculpted by me and then used to create a silicone mold, check out my website for the how-tos! I cast him using a Plaster of Paris and wood glue mixture and additional layers of wood glue were used to help harden him before painting.

Still, this little guy is Art and not Toy, so he will probably still be heading for the morgue if he hits the floor. Unlike his smaller magnet cousins, he’s just too thin in spots to bounce gracefully.

Medium: Gesso, Apple Barrel Acrylics (20504 Black), FolkArt Acrylics (577 Sahara Gold, 666 Antique Copper, 2570 Chocolate Brown), and Ceramcoat Acrylics (Metallic 14k Gold).

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