Fat Rabbits #001-003

Fat Rabbits #001-003

I’m slowly working my way through the piles of leftover Fat Animal Magnets and with luck I’ll have some of these guys to Etsy by the weekend. I’ve been casting new magnets so I can get proper average weights, which means there are even more of these little guys on the way!

The Fat Rabbits are some of my favorites, and I blame that on my childhood addiction to Watership Down. (Plus I had pet rabbits, which are basically cats only with long ears.)

The best part about rabbits is they come in a crazy variety of colors! I tried to find a good website that showed all the variations, but scarily the best I could do was generic overviews of breed specific ones. …I think I’ve been spoiled by the model horse hobby.

#001 is a two-toned gray, painted to look a bit like the dwarf rabbits I had as a kid. I had a lot of fun figuring out how to get the mottling on his back to come out the way I wanted. I believe the pattern is a Blue Sable, but I’m always going to call it ‘siamese bunny’ in my head. 😉 Painted using FolkArt (708 Dove Gray, 425 medium Gray), Apple Barrel (20504 Black), Craftsmart (Coral)

#002 is the other realistic bunny and was was the brown spotted, although not in a realistic bunny pattern.  I was playing around with the Broken pattern and was wondering what it would look like in minimal expression. Probably not quite this sparse, but I’m claiming artistic license! Painted using Americana (DA174 Milk Chocolate), Apple Barrel (20504 Black), Craftsmart (Coral)

#003 is my fantasy bunny and is a reverse Broken Blanket pattern, because reasons. I was originally going to use a non-metallic paint color to do his blanket, but he up and demanded his turn in the spotlight. Painted using Apple Barrel (20504 Black), Creamcoat (Metallic 14k Gold).

Of the three only #002 was chosen during the Christmas gifting spree, so the other two will be hopping off to Etsy soon!

Fat Rabbits #001-003 – In Progress Fat Rabbits – Original Sculpture and Resin Casts

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