Fat Orcas #001-003

Fat Orcas #001-003

When I started my Fat Animal Magnets project for Christmas I had no idea just how far down the rabbit hole I was going to go! (Twenty-two animals and counting). But now that the holidays are over it’s time for me to document these little guys and then list the leftovers to Etsy. 🙂

I’m starting with the Fact Orcas because these guys are some of my favorites! I did a very simple first color run for most of the magnets, one fantasy and two reality. Since what sets the Orcas apart visual is their color pattern, I decided to keep this basic for this mold.

So the first two guys (#001 and #002) are just plain black and white, painted realistically. There are multiple subspecies of Orca and some have a white patch behind the dorsal fin, but I found that I like the look of the version without. There’s also some interesting variation in the shape and size of the dorsal fins, so I’ll have to play around with customizations as I make more of them.

#003 was done with the same pattern, just in FolkArt 664 Copper and is the last remaining pod member, so it will be headed to Etsy once I figure out material costs.

I ended up doing some tail resculpting on these, so I’ll cast a few more, just to see if it’s something I can mitigate when I’m not in a time crunch. If not I think I may remake the mold… I’m really fond of these little guys! 😀


Fat Orcas pre-gloss Fat Orca sculpture and Resin Casts

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