Live From the Workbench

Live From the Workbench 11-14-2016

One of the struggles of November is trying to wrest art time away from NaNoWriMo and avoid the seasonal doom of the flu/cold that terrorizes my office. So far I haven’t been doing that good a job at either one, but there’s plenty of November left to turn it around! 😉

That said, I’ve gotten a bunch of art done since the last update. I’ve been a bit lazy on the photography end of things, but I’m making an effort to get that corrected today. Gift-buying season is around the corner and I’d love to be able to send some of these little guys off to new homes!

Someday I’ll either figure out this whole photography thing or I’ll just give up and outsource it to another hobby person to help fund their camera addiction…

Model Horses

The Three Amigos

Done, done, and done! 😀

Well, okay, not totally done, but the silver bay thoroughbred and the dark bay splash overo thoroughbred’s photos are now out for final approval! *small happy dance*

I’m quite happy with the way both of them turned out, but I don’t think I was able to hit LSQ with the splash, so she might be heading to Etsy. I really need to put in some thought to starting to Live Show myself, just so I can get better idea of what the competition is like. I spend a lot of time browsing the listings on MH$P and eBay, as well as drooling over the Facebook pages of other artists, but I’m still not sure where I stand.

The bay Peruvian Paso will be heading to Etsy in the near future, I just have to come up with suitable name. And backstory. I am seriously thinking of picking up my childhood habit of making small comic books to go along with each horse.

Stablemate Body Hoarding, Take 2347628345

The bay going grey standardbred hasn’t had a lick of work done to it, but it’s still officially on the desk. To fill in the empty three slots, I picked up two sets of the Mystery Foal boxes from Toys ‘R Us. I haven’t had a chance to paint most of these adults, so my Muses are itching to start! 🙂

I’m trying to get a the Fantasy-Reality balance back in the Etsy store, so right now the plans are to paint most of these realistically (for now). I really want to do at least one of them in a metallic appaloosa along the lines of the Sweet Onion Live Show Donation.

But first and foremost… the big guy! Well, gal now.

I’ve wanted to paint an Adios for forever and this custom portrait horse was my first opportunity. I’m spending a lot of time on the prepwork, but every time I pick him up I have to do a little happy dance. Who knew I was going to enjoy painting traditionals this much! I just wish the bodies were cheaper. *le sigh*


So many magnets, so little time!

I am so incredibly behind with these guys… If I can just find my camera mojo again I have a whole bunch of magnets that need to be listed to the Etsy store. From horses to cats and dogs (and the poor octopus) my workbench is covered in critters!

But there’s a lot of fun to be had with making your own conga lines… so I’m not too upset. Heck, it’s the whole reason I started plaster casting in the first place! 😉

On a sidenote: I did find out that using one of the craft paper backdrops on the magnetic whiteboard seems to work well for photos, so this may end up replacing my hanging metal circles. *pokes setup* Still not 100% sold on the idea, since I like the circles for size comparisons in the listings.

Either way, I need to get up off my duff and start listing things again. Or at least finishing the darned blog posts. *rolls up sleeves*


Random Projects

No real movement on anything… except the Space Whale. Don’t judge.

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