Corgiloaf Magnet #1

Corgiloaf 001 - Brindle - Martha Bechtel - Front White

Behold the corgiloaf! Nothing beats the cuteness of a sleeping corgi in full belly flop and this little gal is no exception. She’s happy to hold up your un-nibbled paperwork as she dreams puppy dreams about imaginary rabbits, but if you need some homework eaten you’re sadly out of luck.

While Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s don’t technically come in Brindle and White, this little gal is embracing her Cardigan cousins and bringing home the stripes. Whether napping on the kitchen fridge or soaking in a cubicle at the office this little magnet will remind you that when all else fails, there will still be countless YouTube videos of corgi puppies to cheer you up!

The brindle pattern was a lot of fun to create and I ended up using four different browns (plus black!) in the coat. The corgi’s base color was laid in solid and then the strips were all done with dry brushing and in-between layers of sealer to give it some depth. I almost pulled out the pastels, but I figured she looked good enough as it was. ๐Ÿ™‚

She was finished with a high gloss sealer and you can see in the photos that she’s got a bit of a shine. I think painting those teeny tiny paw pads was the best bit of the whole thing!

The original sleeping corgi (a.k.a. corgiloaf) was sculpted by me and then used to create a silicone mold. I cast it using a plaster of paris and wood glue mixture, with additional layers of wood glue used to help harden the plaster before painting.

Still, this gal is Art and not Toy, so it will still be heading for the morgue if it hits the floor. Unlike her smaller magnet cousins, this pup’s too long to bounce gracefully without losing a nose or an ear. In theory she will be fine if she hits carpet, but most kitchens tend towards the harder end of the spectrum. (I’m not brave enough to properly drop test these little guys quite yet.)

This little pup is a little over 4 inches long and 1 inch high with a 18mm diameter, 2mm thick round neodymium magnet to give her a little extra holding power. She’s ready to bring a little canine charm to your kitchen or office!

Medium: Gesso, Folkart Acrylics (2906 Coffee Latte, 2908 Real Brown, 504 VanDyke Brown, 944 Nutmeg), and Apple Barrel Acrylics (20503 White, and 20504 Black).

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