Saturday Story Prompts [2016.10.29]

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1. He stood on the edge of the fog bank daring the demons to step into the light.

2. My life revolves around homework and tests… and every so often I have this crushing moment of clarity that life will never be this simple again.

3. The young sea dragon coils in on itself, forming an ever-shifting knot of prismatic scales that lures the seagulls into striking range.

4. Time is something he has learned to live without.

5. “Stand back!” He said, with a dramatic flourish and a daredevil grin. “I’m pretty sure this is going to end badly, so make sure you have the camera in focus, k?”


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He stood on the edge of the fog bank daring the demons to step into the light. Saturday Story Prompt. October 29, 2016
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