Evangelina (Custom Breyer Stablemate Cantering Foal)

Evangelina (Breyer Stablemate Cantering Foal) Right

This little gal has been a looooong time in the making!

Evangelina was a custom order that I started back in March but one thing led to another and I didn’t get her finished until September. From her teeny tiny spots to her striped hooves, this little gal took a lot of cross-eyed nights to pull off. (I really need to get a magnifying glass headset).

She was the first realistic leopard appaloosa that I’ve done in a long time and it was fun running around Google digging up good reference photos. I know it makes me a dinosaur, but I remember what it was like pre-Google and it’s such a happy feeling to have things right at my fingertips!

The basecoat was done in white, grey, and a little hint of pink. Then the basic shape of the spots were laid down so I could get owner’s approval on the pattern. But stark black on white looks really fake… so I went back over all of them and added mapping, cleaned up the edges, and white-washed a few of them. That got rid of the contrast of the initial layout and made her look a little more realistic.

Medium: Gesso, FolkArt Acrylics (944 Nutmeg, 708 Dove Gray, 2905 Cinnamon, 425 Medium Gray, 420 Linen), Apple Barrel (20504 Black, 20258 Melted Chocolate), CraftSmart (Coral)

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