Saturday Story Prompts [2016.08.13]

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1. When she was too young to know better she made the mistake of telling people she could see the creatures in the fog.

2. The roads are hard-packed clay, roasted under the summer sun, and worn smooth by the herds. When the monsoons arrive they’ll turn to mud but for now, the way is clear.

3. He’s loved the feeling of falling ever since he stepped off his first diving board.

4. There’s nothing organic about the city’s layout; every street, every building was carefully planned out centuries ago. They’ve followed those blueprints religiously for generations. If you see a tree, it’s because some ancient architect decreed the need for one, to balance some undecipherable mathematical equation. No one knows what would happen if they deviate from the plan, but there’s not one of us brave enough to find out.

5. “I’d say ‘follow your heart’, but let’s be honest– your heart has a terrible track record.”


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"I'd say 'follow your heart', but let's be honest-- your heart has a terrible track record." Saturday Story Prompt. August 13, 2016
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