Dead from the Workbench

The Art Desk Lives!

There hasn’t been any movement on the workbench in over a month now. Mostly because it was unreachable, buried under the bookcase, the things that were in the bookcases, and bits of the moldy basement wall that I was disassembling. So there’s been plumbing work, wall removal, spackling and sanding… but no art.

That said, I dipped into clean-up overdrive this weekend. I got the two bookshelves repaired and reassembled. I repaired and painted the framing for the wall, and finally got things put away to the point where I could get to my art desk again. (It’s still a bit cluttered, but I figure that’s pretty much par for the course at this point.)

Which means… ART TIMEZ NAO! 😀

Blue Cats for Blue Days

In a rational world, that would mean I’d be diving right back into the model horse custom orders, but this is me. And before I can feel qualified to do ‘real’ art, I have to ditz around for a bit first to loosen up…

I need something complicated enough that it’s challenging, but also something that I won’t be upset if I mess up.

I have a friend I promised a faux-turquoise clydesdale horse head magnet to. I still need to cast the horse head, but I also need to figure out how to paint faux-turquoise. What better test subject than one of the bazillion cats that I have left over from the plaster casting experimentation?


This will give me the chance to focus on a non-horsey technique that should rekindle my horsey-confidence levels. It might not be the most serious rebirth of an art desk, but it should be a lot of fun! 🙂

And with luck I’ll get my mojo back and I can finally finish this little guy…

*crosses fingers*

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