Saturday Story Prompts [2016.07.02]

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1. The light of the second sun fades with the dragons and when the last one dies the skies go dark in mourning.

2.  “I just bought this!” She shook the flashlight a few times before tossing it to her partner. “You’re the tech genius, make yourself useful.”

3.  Sea magic ebbs with the tide, but out where the land is only a memory, it’s unstoppable.

4. I used to spend hours dreaming about what life would be like when I grew up. Now I cling to what’s left of my memories and try not to think about the future.

5. Their language has no words for apology and the translation teams stumble around the concepts of guilt and blame. In this world, there are mistakes… and nothing more.


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Their language has no words for apology and the translation teams stumble around the concepts of guilt and blame. Saturday Story Prompt. July 2, 2016
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