Just Another Zubat Monday…

Such a Monday!

[Insert generic Adult’ing complaints]

It’s been a week month of Zubats… *sighs*

On the good side of things I’ve been clocking a lot of steps playing Pokemon Go (Team Instinct iz 4 Fite!) and while I haven’t been doing well in Camp NaNoWriMo or my Nerd Fitness challenges, I haven’t completely given up either. So, that’s something.

All Art’ing is on hold as I’m still working on rebuilding the basement wall that suffered recent water damage from the bathroom above it. At some point in the past there was additional water damage that was only partially taken care of. *makes angry noises at past owners* So it’s taking longer than expected.

Having gotten very little done over the past few weeks, I’m once again circling the idea that I have too many hobbies and not enough time.

Down To The Studs

But on the other paw, limiting myself to doing one thing is– limiting. Besides, I’m really not sure what to pick! The easiest answer would be to jump into Nerd Fitness whole hog since improving my fitness would make a giant impact on the rest of my life. But I also want-to/need-to/really-should work on my adulting, and writing, and artwork, and home improvement (like the wall), and, and, and…

I know I can’t get better at things I don’t practice doing, so I’m loath to pick one over the others, even if I’m not currently doing much. Or anything. Which isn’t helpful.

Moar Prompts!

Still, the more I think about it, the more picking Nerd Fitness over everything else makes sense. It links into Pokemon Go and playing on the gaming treadmill. I tend to include non-fitness related minigoals, so it can including little snippets of hobbies as well. I just won’t be putting as much focus on them as I could be, which means I won’t get as much done as I could… but to be honest I’m not getting much done as it is.

And it would be nice to stop being sick all the time.

(Are all grownups this wishy-washy or is it just me??)

Ah well. *rolls up sleeves* Suppose it’s time to try something, since trying everything hasn’t been working well.


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