Looking Forward to July Camp NaNoWriMo

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It’s that time again (again)…

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) events always get me revved up and ready to write! …And then the rev dies off about halfway through and I get distracted by all the other shiny things in life.

Every event I say ‘This time it will be different!’, so instead for July I’m going to say ‘This time will be a little bit better than last time.’

It doesn’t sound quite so impressive, but at least it’s honest.

To help my get-up-and-go keep going, I’ve started a Wordwar Z thread over on the Nerd Fitness forums. For June I’m sticking to a tiny 100 words a day goal, but it’s the habit of remembering to write that I’m focusing on for now. Once July kicks around, I’m going to ramp it up to something a little more meaty.

I’m sticking with the same ‘verse as my main focus this month (Tales of the Drunken Unicorn), but I’ll be hopping all over the place as I try to finish ALL the drafts!

And maybe start a few new ones…

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