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Taking art one spot at a time…

I’ve been in a bit of a painting rut for a while now… I’ve had no trouble working with 2D art (as you can see below by the crazy number of badges I’ve been making for Wordwar Z). I just couldn’t work up the focus to sit down and really put brush to horse– but that’s starting to change! 🙂

Well, at least a little. I’m still not churning out hordes of horses and I’m taking much longer than I should to get a foal done (even a leopard appy), but there’s finally progress happening again.

Which is good because I started to take an inventory of all the work in progress art projects that I have… and it’s not a small number. *sighs*

But if I just take them one-by-one it shouldn’t be impossible to catch up again. Assuming I can manage to stop starting new projects! That’s the problem with a magpie mind, I’m always finding new shiny things to play with…

Anywho, another handful hours (if I’m lucky) and this little gal will be ready to head out to her new home! 🙂

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