Live from a Messy Messy Workbench!

Live from the Workbench! (The ‘Before’ picture)

I finally made my way back into the basement again to take a look at the workbench. I’ve been using the desk upstairs for single projects, but I really need to get things back to their proper home. Painting on the same tiny table as the laptop is not a good idea… but omg, the basement workbench is so messy!

Sadly, I still don’t have an ‘after’ picture, but I did manage to clear out enough space to work. Which means I can finally get back to getting paint on some horses. I’m going to try and get it cleared off again before the week is out so the next update will look a bit more organized. *crosses fingers*

I’ve been in and Art Slump recently, but finally finishing off that cavaletti post seems to have gotten me back on track and I’m raring to go! 😁

Painting a Suspended Penguin

I bought a whole passel of new art toys, err– tools, in the past month or so and it was fun finally getting to test some of them out. The tweezers worked well, but squished the resin a bit. I’ll have to get softer ones (the base allows you to swap them out) or just use them with harder things.

The small files work great on the stablemates and the mini whinnies/micro minis so I need to go back and update the ‘How to prep Mini Whinnies’ post with the new data.

On the bench right now to finish is the custom appy foal, the Hello Kitty Borg magnet, another Star Trek science office penguin magnet, and the Imperial Guard penguin magnet. I have a bunch of other projects on or near the art desk, but these are the ones that need to be finished first as they are owed to other people.

The magnets are all in the painting stage now, so all the sculpting and prepping is done (save for the penguin’s lightsabers).

The custom appy foal is prepped/basecoated white now. I’ve been holding off adding shading (and then spots!) because my art-mojo has been low recently. But I’m hoping if I start with finishing off the magnets it will get me going to bite the bullet and paint realistically! 😁

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My name is Martha Bechtel and I write fantasy and science fiction stories, paint small model horses silly colors, cast resin and plaster magnets, code random code (and Wordpress plugins)... Come on in and join in the fun!

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