Camera Angles (Strip #8: Final Fantasy Forever!)

Ah vintage console gaming… it will always be a thing! To be fair, the Holst aren’t technical at all so Rasa never saw computers growing up. The Khriss love tech and wargames, so Maow has always been a gamer… even if he leans more towards FPS than RPGs.

And seriously, if there was going to be a game franchise still mostly alive and kicking this far into the future Final Fantasy’s not a bad bet! 😉

The downside of the ‘you can’t tell who’s talking’ bubbles is highly apparent in this strip… and it gets worse for a little before I sort it out. Someday I need to go back and redo all these! (And look, more dialog scribbles that turned into actual dialog… I was getting slightly better at strip planning. Sortof.)

Scan of linework for Camera Angles Strip 007