Saturday Story Prompts [2016.04.30]

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1. There’s an art to telling stories around a campfire. You need the right tone and cadence to slowly reel them in and then POW! Nightmares for weeks!

2. Just another Tuesday was slang for a hostage crisis.

3. “I don’t do love potions, I do social confidence potions.” She handed him the vial. “Put this in her drink and yours. If she likes you, she’ll let you know and you’ll have the courage to do the same. That said, if she doesn’t or you change your mind after talking to her, you’ll both have the power to be honest about it.”

4. Yellow is the core color palette of the planet. From golden tans up to bright lemon, everything rigidly adheres to hue.

5. The computers can’t understand her anymore, the drugs have slurred her speech to the point where it’s unintelligible.


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Just another Tuesday was slang for a hostage crisis. Saturday Story Prompt. April 30, 2016
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