Letting a Story Simmer (Camp NaNoWriMo)

One of the things I am trying with this Camp is the idea that I need to know what I am going to write before I write it when it comes to longer works.

I started out with the WiP short story Inheritance by sitting down and writing… but then I got sick and I spent a few days just sitting around thinking about the story. Not writing, not even taking notes, just thinking.

Well, this post is going to track the word sprints and polishing times and see if that paying off did anything useful. I’ll be doing a ‘non-planned’ sprint as well, to try and get a baseline.


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Camera Angles (Strip #4: Zoooooooooooom!)

Oh look, Grumpy!Rasa! ...To be fair, that's pretty much her default setting when interacting with the Author. ;) This was back when I was still figuring out how to pull off the lettering post-strip-drawing. (As you can see from the scan below I didn't even worry about what it would be... I just knew what it would look like.) I got a little better at leaving room for dialog as I went, but the  whole 'faded out linework' was a thing for a while.

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