Partial Eclipse (Custom Breyer Stablemate Thoroughbred)

Partial Eclipse - Custom Breyer Stablemate Thoroughbred - Left
Partial Eclipse

This little gal has been hanging out in my body box for a loooong time…

Every so often I will buy bulk lots of stablemates off of eBay and that’s where this little gal came from. Eclipse was half-painted and prepped with what I think was automotive primer. Other (saner) folks might have let her go as a casualty of war, but I wasn’t about to give up the fight!

So after several baths of Easy Off, scrubs with a toothbrush, and many a long battle with sandpaper, she was ready for paint again. I prepped her as best I could, but she’s just too rough in places to do much beyond hold sway over a bookshelf herd. So no Photo Shows or Live Shows for this gal, alas.

Show quality or not, she’s dressed to the nines. Eclipse might look black, but she’s actually an incredibly dark bay. You can see the brown in the right light –or if you squint whilst looking at the photos– but in most of my shots she appears as dark as the night. Hence her name! ๐Ÿ™‚

Eclipse has some pinking in her white markings (where appropriate), two blue eyes, and shaded shell hooves with frogs carved into the raised hooves and painted on horseshoes. She was finished off with several coats of Dullcote matte sealer. Her eyes and inner nostrils are glossed and her hooves are painted with a matte varnish that gives them a smidge of a shine.

She is one of my attempts at painting horses using only acrylic craft paints, so no pastels here… although I did stoop to using colored pencils to detail her hooves.

Medium: Gesso, FolkArt Acrylics (2908 Real Brown), Apple Barrel (20504 Black, 20535 Light Pink, 20503 White, 20223 Pool Blue), and Liquitex (Unbleached Titanium)

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