Organizing the Universe(s)

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My Camp NaNoWriMo goals for April aren’t just to get into a daily writing habit, but to also organize all of my existing writing. This means tracking down everything I’ve ever written, finished or not, and sorting it into some sort of system.

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I’ve tried multiple attempts at this before, but nothing has worked well. I think I’m going to try a combination of hardcopy, Google Spreadsheets and universe blog pages this time. The problem I have now with revisiting existing draft works is that the canon for the universe is scattered and other than rereading every single thing written there’s no good way to make sure I’m doing things ‘right’.

I need to come up with my own version of a Wiki… without the complexity of an actual Wiki. *ponders*

The upside of this will be that everything will be online where folks can read them (if they want to wade through the WiPs) and that will hopefully motivate me to finish things.

…The downside is that everything will be online and folks will be wading through the WiPs and that will make me feel guilty about not finishing things. 😉


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