Live From the Workbench!

President Taft does a surprise inspection of the workbench…

The weather is starting to warm up which means I can finally do some spray sealing again! (Although, per conversation on the Model Horse Customizers Facebook group, I might be able to spray in ninja runs out the door even if it’s cold and rainy.) That’s good news for the two realistic thoroughbreds that have been idling on the workbench for the past few weeks.

But my problem right now isn’t finishing things, it’s getting them photographed and up on Etsy! The more I unpack and put things away, the more things I find that I’d forgotten about. The pile in the photo below is all of the pieces that are ready (or a single step from ready) to post… that I just haven’t gotten around to.

Old Art Finds

Which (in theory) was why I started up these semi-weekly posts: to be more mindful. I need to get in the habit of paying attention to all the things I’m working on and what needs to be done.

I’ve been pretty good about getting them into Habitica as checklist To Do’s, but not so good at getting them checked off. The lure of ‘start something new’ is a stronger siren song than ‘get something finished that probably won’t be perfect’.

But I’m working on that! 🙂

Hello Borgy!

So this week’s focus will be to post things to Etsy and not start anything new. Except for the gifts I’m making for friends, because the world needs Hello Borgy. *solemn nod*

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