Couch to 1.667k : the Camp NaNoWriMo wordcount adventure!

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It’s once again time to start mulling over what sort of project I want to do for the April session of Camp NaNoWriMo!

In the past I’ve done attempts at proper 50k novels, short story collections, books about writing books, and even one stab at doing an outline for the November novel (which I then tossed to the wayside).

So far my track record for winning a Camp NaNoWriMo, even at the tiny 10k word goal, has been abysmal. The only win I’ve had has been with That Don’t Impress Me Much, most don’t even come close to breaking the five (or four) digit wordcount threshold.

But I am nothing if not if not overly optimistic!

So my goal for the April Camp NaNoWriMo is to work myself up from the 0 wordcount couch to a 1,667 word victory lap. I figured if I can learn how to write 1,667 words a day then the following NaNos will be a breeze. 🙂

Hitting that goal in 30 days means I need to find a new way every day to write 56 more words than I did the day before. That doesn’t sound too horrible, but I have a feeling as soon as I leave my 200-300 word comfort level things are going to start to get dicey.

I’ll be trying out a bunch of different methods to boost my word count and posting weekly updates on my progress. I figure if I do a lot of experimentation I can figure out which techniques work for me and which don’t– which if nothing else should be amusing for you!


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